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Train Interiors

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Trains operating on the Western Rail routes will typically be making inter-regional journeys of approximately 1 to 4 hours in length. The trains should be equipped with a variety of facilities to ensure comfort, convenience, and accessibility for passengers. The following images show examples of what should typically found on board.

Seating should be a mix of face-to-face and “airline” style in a light, airy and comfortable looking cabin.

Tables allow passengers to work, play games or consume food and drink.

“Airline style” seating allows solo travelers or couples to relax.

Wheelchair spaces are located close to doors and bathrooms.
“Tip-up” seats are available for able-bodied passengers to use when not needed by wheelchair uses.

The Western Rail system is likely to attract significant numbers of passengers with bicycles.
Adequate space will be required on-board to accommodate these.

Level boarding is essential to provide a high-quality and safe experience for all passengers.

Door lips close the gap between platform and train to minimize difficulty boarding.

Overhead racks allow small bags and cases to be stowed safely.

In a world where most passengers rely on their electronic devices, power outlets are essential.