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2024 Colorado State Legislature

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Greater Denver Transit recommends the following items to be adopted in transit legislation for 2024:

1. Front Range Passenger Rail (FRPR) scope must be sufficient to provide a fast, frequent, reliable and accessible service from day one.

  • Hourly bi-directional service, with at least 12 round trips per day.
  • Base reliability of 95%+ of trains arriving at final destinations within 15 mins of schedule.
  • Riders using wheelchairs and mobility devices must have level boarding at all doors.

2. Establish a state-level “Colorado Rail Authority” that is explicitly focused on developing, expanding and operating intercity passenger rail in the State.

  • Could be a “joint powers” board, or an expanded CDOT Division of Transit & Rail.
  • Authority would receive an expanding percentage of CDOT’s capital expansion budget.
  • Potential to transfer ownership of RTD’s A, B, G, and N Lines (all FRA-regulated rail) from RTD to the CRA in order to relieve the agency of some FasTracks of debt and equip the CRA as a rail owner overnight of some of the most strategic state-owned rail infrastructure in Colorado.

3. Amend legislation to require FTA-regulated accident reports to be made public.

  • Repeal C.R.S. 40-18-104.
  • Require transit agencies such as RTD and CDOT to publish accident investigation reports.
  • An initial accident investigation report that establishes key facts should be published within 2 weeks of any reportable accident.

4. Amend the Regional Transportation District (RTD) Act to require the agency to publish monthly financial, safety, operational, financial and labor metrics.

  • Safety metrics should include status of Public Utilities Commission (PUC) mandated accident investigations and corrective action plans (CAPs).
  • Operational metrics should include reliability and on-time performance of modes operated.
  • Financial metrics should include information about budget expenditures and capital projects.
  • Labor metrics should give details of any workforce shortages.

5. Retain the elected RTD Board.

  • Consider further amendments to the RTD Act to mandate that the board functions as an effective governing, oversight and policy making unit.

6. Require RTD to publish proposed schedules at least 3 months in advance.

  • Public must be given a chance to make meaningful comments on proposed service changes.
  • RTD should develop clear and transparent policies relating to route scheduling.

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