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RTD 2022 Fare Study

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2022 RTD Fare Study and Equity Analysis

Despite the last fare study being conducted in 2016, RTD continued to receive feedback that its fares are expensive and difficult to understand. Because of this, the agency carried out another fare study, this time from an equity standpoint with a much bigger emphasis on how fares affect disadvantaged and minority groups. The 2022 Fare Study had four phases:

– Phase 1 – Feedback on current fare structure (completed Spring 2022).

– Phase 2 – Conceptual options (completed Summer 2022).

– Phase 3 – Fare alternatives (completed Fall 2022).

– Final recommendations and public hearings (completed Spring 2023).

The recommended fare changes were approved by the RTD Board of Directors on July 25, 2023 and introduced in January 2024.

Recommended Fare Changes

Current Fares

– The current fares charged on RTD.

Recommended Fares

– Combines local & regional fare destinations. Is a response to people who say fares are too complicated.

– Lowers fares across the board. Is a response to people who say fares are too expensive.

– Reduces fares to destinations such as Boulder by 43% (52% for regular riders).

– Airport fare is included in local monthly pass.

Recommended Fare Rates