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Bus Stops

There are 9,700+ public bus stops in the Regional Transportation District (RTD) district. Currently RTD only maintains approx. 300 of those stops leaving the rest to the various towns, cities and counties. A few stops are maintained by advertising companies (such as Lamar Outdoor) in return for them being able to place adverts on the shelters.

Because bus stops are a key part of the transit experience, GDT has identified 8 amenities which a good bus stop should have:

  1. Sign

2. ADA Compliant Paving (minimum 6ft x 8ft unobstructed paved area).

3. Bench

4. Trash Can

5. Shelter

6. Lighting

7. Map / Schedule

8. Passenger Information Display

Bus Stop 17418: A sign, bench but non-compliant ADA paving.
Bus Stop 12888: Just a sign.

Please help us track bus stops that have poor amenities or are not ADA compliant buy filling in a Bus Stop Report. Your input helps us make things better for transit riders!