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About Us

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We are an organization of Greater Denver Area residents who advocate for an efficient, reliable, safe, accessible and inclusive public transit system which delivers on the region’s mobility needs.

Who are we?

We were founded by members of the Denver Metro’s urbanist community to establish a solutions-oriented transit advocacy group which could leverage the community’s knowledge and experiences. 

We have dedicated Greater Denver Transit to support both today’s transit system and to help advocate for a greater vision for what the system could become if it were properly planned, funded, and operated.

We acknowledge the progress made to date, but we also agree that neither the current transit system nor RTD’s vision for public transit are great enough to meet the district’s mobility needs. We want to help RTD envision and deliver a better public transit system.

We believe the Denver Metro needs an accessible and free-to-join transit advocacy organization, with a zero barriers to entry approach, to attract both casual transit advocates and dedicated transit enthusiasts to fill the void left by the dissolution of Denver’s previous transit advocacy organizations.

We are building a coalition of transit advocates who can raise awareness of RTD’s challenges, crowdsource ideas, and push for the change needed to improve the current network, and deliver a world-class transit system. 

We will work collaboratively with the existing mosaic of urbanist-related organizations such as Better Denver Streets/DenverInfill, Bike Streets, the Colorado Rail Passengers Association (ColoRail), the Denver Bicycle Lobby, the Denver Streets Partnership, the Downtown Denver Partnership, Pedestrian Dignity and YIMBY Denver, to better communicate and advocate for transit.

We are committed to challenging ineffectual systems and practices while fostering new ideas, not attacking people. In all of our actions we will treat our members, community stakeholders, and civic leaders with respect and dignity.