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Our advocacy activities are split into three main efforts:


● Our reports are intended to address both informational and systemic gaps, while providing community
feedback on the current RTD system. Reports can cover specialist issues such as the short-to-long-term
vision for transit in Colorado, RTD basics, bike provision at stations, etc.
● When a report is published in PDF format, there will also be a distilled presentation plus “bite-size” key
points provided to help communicate our findings quickly and easily.


● We target the exact parts of RTD and other relevant organizations to get major issues fixed (e.g., poor
connections at 124th/Eastlake for Brighton buses).
● Campaigns will be focused on specific issues that affect RTD’s riders. We will use a “SMART” (Specific,
Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound) campaign goal approach to achieve tangible results
for the district.

RTD Info & Expertise

● We act as unofficial expert guides to the RTD system and do our part to provide meaningful guidance to
● Where RTD’s provision of information falls short, we will produce system guidance (e.g. 15-minute
frequency bus map).

Read our RTD Manifesto.


● Events
● Website (
● Social Media
– Facebook: /greaterdenvertransit
– Twitter: @GreatDenTransit
– Instagram: @greaterdenvertransit
– Slack:
– YouTube: /greaterdenvertransit