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RTD Advert Watch

One of the best features of Regional Transportation District (RTD) buses & trains is their large windows which allow you to admire the beautiful state of Colorado as you sit back & enjoy the ride. In addition, being able to see out of the vehicle is a big aid in helping riders identify their stop to get off at. Unfortunately, some RTD vehicles have advertising wrap which prevents this as it covers the vehicle side from top to bottom. This cheapens the experience for riders & is not in line with a quality transit experience.

The good…
…and the bad.

While we understand that exterior vehicle advertizing brings in much needed revenue, we call on RTD to stop the practice of approving advertizing which covers the windows on their buses & trains. Instead, all advertizing should convey the intended message above, below or to the side of the windows. There are a number of ‘good’ examples of RTD vehicles carrying advertizing wrap where this has been followed; it’s time to bring all future bus & train wrap activations in line with this. 

As featured on #RTDAdvertWatch.