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1900 Series Coaches

MCI D4500CL Over-the-Road Coach

The 1900 series MCI Over-the-Road coaches were used on longer distance routes in the RTD district. Regular routes were AB, AT, BOLT, CV, EV, LD1, NB, P, RX, 104L and 116X and these vehicles also made occasional appearances on the Flatiron Flyer. All were retired in May 2023.

D4500CL Facts

  • Number of Vehicles: 6
  • Fleet Numbers: 1991 – 1996
  • Length: 45 ft 7 in (13.89 m)
  • Width: 8 ft 6 in (2.59 m)
  • Height: 11 ft 3 in (3.5 m)
  • Weight: 35,100 lb (15,920 kg)
  • Engine: Cummings ISL9 Diesel

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