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RTD Light Rail Vehicles

Siemens ‘SD-100’ and ‘SD-160’

Introduced from 1994 with just 11 vehicles, the RTD light rail vehicle fleet now numbers 201 units in total. Built in Florin, California, by Siemens, there are two outwardly similar variants of the trains. The SD-100 units feature folding doors and are numbered in the 1xx series. The newer SD-160 units have plug doors and are numbered in the 2xx and 3xx series. Both variants can be found operating operating all over the RTD light rail system, which compromises the D, E, H, L, R and W lines. Generally the SD-100 and SD-160 units are not run in multiple with each other.

Siemens SD-100 LRV

Fleet Numbers 101-149

Siemens SD-160 LRV

Fleet Numbers 201-352

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