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Siemens SD-160 Units

Siemens SD-160

Introduced in multiple batches from 2008 onwards, RTD has 152 SD-160 light rail vehicles as part of a total fleet of 201 units. Built in Florin, California, by Siemens, the newer SD-160 units have plug doors and are numbered in the 2xx and 3xx series. SD-160 units can be found operating operating all over the RTD light rail system, which compromises the D, E, H, L, R and W lines. Generally the SD-160 units are not run in multiple with the older SD-100 units.

SD-160 Facts

  • Number of Units: 152
  • Fleet Numbers: 201-352
  • Length: (81 ft 4+38 in (24.80 m)
  • Width: 8 ft 8+38 in (2.65 m)
  • Height: 12 ft 4+78 in (3.78 m)
  • Top Speed: 55mph
  • Weight: 89,000 lb (40,370 kg)
  • Electric System: 750 V DC

Interior and Seating

RTD’s Siemens ‘SD-160’ light rail units feature two seating types.

‘Knee to Knee’ Seating

‘Knee to Knee’ seating is installed on SD-160 units numbered in the range 201-323. Following a lawsuit brought by the Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition, RTD agreed in 2017 to provide two ADA spots at each end of every light rail unit; for trains already in service, this was achieved by removing eight seats (16 per unit).

‘Same Direction’ Seating

‘Same Direction’ seating is installed on the last batch of 29 SD-160 units numbered 324-352, which were introduced in 2019. This seating design has two ADA spots at each end of every unit and adds capacity by providing 8 additional tip-up seats per unit which can be used when the adjacent ADA space is not occupied.

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