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RTD Old Fares

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Looking for information on RTD current fares? Please click here.

Often criticized as ‘too complicated’, this page explains RTD’s current fare structure which was introduced as a result of a fare study carried out in 2016. The current fare prices were introduced in 2019. The fares are scheduled to change again in 2024 as a result of the RTD Fare Study.

RTD Fares Guide

An RTD fare is made up of the three parts; the destination, the type and the rate.

Fare Destinations


  • Rail travel in 1 or 2 fare zones.
  • Local / Limited bus routes (numbered routes, including those with an ‘E,’ ‘L’, ‘N’, ‘S’ or ‘W’ suffix, and named routes except BOLT).
  • Local service on Regional or SkyRide bus routes.
  • FlexRide service (MyRide cards not accepted).

Regional / Airport

  • Rail travel in 3 fare zones.
  • Regional and Express bus routes (lettered routes, numbered routes with an ‘X’ suffix and BOLT).
  • Regional service on SkyRide bus routes (AB and AT).
  • Trips to / from Denver Airport (day or monthly pass only).

Fare Types

3 Hour Pass

  • Sold instead of a single ticket and transfer.
  • Unlimited trips that must start within a 3 hour window.
  • 3 hour passes require an upgrade for trips to Denver Airport.

Day Pass

  • Sold instead of a return ticket and transfer.
  • Unlimited trips that must start within a day up to 2:59am the next morning.

Monthly Pass

10 Ride Ticket Book

  • 10 physical 3 hour ride tickets that give up to a $2 discount compared to buying 10 tickets separately.
  • Must be bought in advance from the RTD online store or by visiting any RTD sales outlet or participating King Soopers or Safeway stores.
  • 2020 and 2021 ticket books can be used through the end of 2023.
  • Tickets require an upgrade for trips to Denver Airport.

Fare Rates

Full Fare

  • Regular adult fare.


  • 50% discount off full fare.
  • Seniors 65+.
  • Individuals with disabilities.
  • Medicare recipients.
  • Proof of eligibility is required.



  • 40% discount off full fare.
  • Income-based fare discount program. See if you qualify here.
  • Proof of eligibility is required.

Fare Prices

Fare Type

Local 3 Hour Pass

Local Day Pass

Local Monthly Pass

Local 10 Ride Ticket Book

Regional 3 Hour Pass

Regional Day Pass

Regional Monthly Pass

Regional 10 Ride Ticket Book

Full Fare


































Denver Airport

  • All trips to / from Denver Airport require a Regional Day Pass or a Regional Monthly Pass.
  • If you hold a 3 Hour Pass or a ticket from a 10 ride book, an ‘airport upgrade’ may be purchased from ticket vending machines for either $7.50 (Local) or $5.25 (Regional).

Children and Active Military

RTD’s New MyRide Fare Payment System

RTD is introduced a new fare payment system in September 2022. The system has replaced the MyRide cards issued before July 2022, which are now useless. Fares of all types can be bought in two ways:

  • Using MyRide ‘Tap & Ride’. The balance can be topped up via the MyRide Website or the RTD MyRide app.
  • Mobile tickets purchased with a credit / debit card using the MyRide Website or the RTD MyRide, Transit, Uber and Lyft apps.

MyRide tickets can be used in three ways:

  • Using MyRide ‘Tap & Ride’ by scanning the account QR code in the RTD MyRide app on the ticket readers installed on buses and at train stations.
  • Using MyRide ‘Tap & Ride’ by tapping a MyRide card on the ticket readers installed on buses and at train stations.
  • Scanning a mobile ticket QR code in the RTD MyRide app on the ticket readers installed on buses and at train stations.

Fare Capping

Fare capping takes away the need for a rider to have to choose whether to buy a day or monthly pass up front as it always ensures they pay the lowest fares for a day or month’s travel. For example, a rider pays a $3 for a local 3 hour pass fare in the morning. If that rider pays another $3 to make a trip in the afternoon (at least 3 hours after the morning trip), the MyRide system will consider that a local day pass earned, worth $6. Any trips taken in the evening (at least 3 hours after the afternoon trip), would be free.

Additionally the MyRide system keeps a monthly running total. After 38 local trips, a monthly pass is earned meaning all local trips for the rest of the month would be free.

Finally, the MyRide system keeps regional fare daily & monthly running totals meaning that once $10.50 or $200 is spent on fares, a regional day or monthly pass is earned respectively.

To utilize fare capping, a rider must always use the same ‘token’, either a MyRide card or account QR code to pay for the trips each time they tap or scan.

Setting Up Your New RTD MyRide Ticketing Account

1. Have your existing MyRide account details handy.
2. If you haven’t already, download the RTD MyRide (formerly RTD Mobile Tickets) app and create an account. This will be your new MyRide account.
3. If you have a balance on your existing MyRide card, fill in the Transition Form to get it transferred to your new MyRide account.

2022 RTD Fare Study

Despite the last fare study being conducted in 2016, RTD has continued to receive feedback that its fares are expensive and difficult to understand. Because of this, the agency carried out another fare study in 2022, this time from an equity standpoint with a much bigger emphasis on how fares affect disadvantaged and minority groups.

‘Zero Fare for Better Air’ (free fares months) were held in 2022 and 2023…