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Transit Vision Zero

Transit Vision Zero is a strategy to eliminate all transit-related fatalities and severe injuries, while increasing safe, healthy, equitable mobility for all.

Inspired by the original Vision Zero plan for traffic deaths, Transit Vision Zero expands this to include a focus on preventing bus and rail crashes, grade crossing collisions, platform safety and suicide prevention.

A New Vision For Transit Safety…

Traditional Approach

  • Transit deaths are inevitable.
  • Perfect human behavior.
  • Prevent collisions.
  • Individual responsibility.
  • Closed safety culture.
  • Saving lives is expensive.

Transit Vision Zero

  • Transit deaths are preventable.
  • Integrate human failing in approach.
  • Prevent fatal and severe crashes.
  • Systems approach.
  • Open and transparent safety culture.
  • Saving lives is not expensive.

Transit Vision Zero is a significant departure from the status quo in two major ways:

  1. Transit Vision Zero recognizes that people will sometimes make mistakes, so the transit system and related policies should be designed to ensure those inevitable mistakes do not result in severe injuries or fatalities. This means that system designers and policymakers are expected to improve the transit environment, policies, and other related systems to lessen the severity of crashes.
  2. Transit Vision Zero is a multidisciplinary approach, bringing together diverse and necessary stakeholders to address this complex problem. In the past, meaningful, cross-disciplinary collaboration among local transit planners and engineers, policymakers, and public health professionals has not been the norm. Transit Vision Zero acknowledges that many factors contribute to safe mobility — including transit system design, behaviors, technology, and policies — and sets clear goals to achieve the shared goal of zero fatalities and severe injuries.

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